On Monday – July 19th, 2021. Our covid-19 policy changed.

  • We moved to an OPTIONAL Test & Trace system.
  • As we are a smaller venue and to protect your privacy and personal liberties, we will not need you to show your personal medical details.
    Therefore, vaccine passports & negative tests do NOT need to be shown to get in.
  • All limits on facility numbers, such as in the sauna cabin, steam room and Jacuzzi, have been removed.
  • Masks are optional, when moving around the building. However, masks should NOT be worn in any of the hot facilities!
  • We continue to sanitise pubilc spaces and all other facilities, on a regular basis.
  • Hand sanitising stations will still be in place, should you wish to use them.
  • Our 3 hour limit of stay at busy periods, has been removed – and you may now stay for the duration.
  • You can now request a passout, if you wish to go out – and return on the same day.
  • Our food and drinks policy will still remain in place, so food and drink, purchased elsewhere, my not be consumed on the premises. However, you are welcome to request a pass-out, if you wish to nip out and have a bite to eat.

Whilst we take great care in keeping you safe when visiting ClubZeus, we can not guarantee 100% safety from an invisible virus, therefore:

Upon entry to our premises – and by paying your admission fee.  You are agreeing that you take full “personal” responsibility for your health and wellbeing (this includes sexual health) – and that ClubZeus and it’s staff will not be held in any way responsible or liable, should you come into contact with other customers, who may potentially pass on other viruses or infections (sexually transmitted or otherwise), this includes, but is not limited to Covid-19.

We would like to take this oppertunity to thank each and every one of you, for your continued support over the last 18 months, it has been truly amazing!

The Zeusers!