Temporary covid-19 sauna rules

Keeping you and our staff safe!

As we try and get back to some semblance of normality, ClubZeus will re-open with a set of temporary covid-19 rules, aimed at keeping you and our staff as safe as possible. 

We are therefore temporarliy changing the way you can access our facilities. Upon entry to the building, you will be subject to:

  • Temperature Checks
  • Hand Clensing
  • Leaving contact details for NHS test and trace (This is optional)
  • Showering

If your temprature is slightly high, you have the option of waiting for ten minutes and having it checked again. If your temperature is still high, unfortunately you won’t be able to come into the sauna.

NHS Test and Trace is optional under the GDPR Compliance – and you may OPT OUT of having any details passed on. However, if you decide to OPT IN, you can remain fully confident that any details you offer,  will remain confidential and only passed on if necessary.

In the event that you need to be contacted, the NHS will not reveal any details to anyone else. All details will only be kept for the required 21 days.

Booking in & Time Limits

Due to social distancing guidelines and having to stagger when customers enter the building, you will unfortunately no longer be able to just walk in on spec. You will need to either make an advanced booking via our online chat, or give us a call to make a booking over the phone. You will be limited to a 3 hour stay, with no return on the same day. You may also ring us on the day, to see if we have any available slots. Unfortunately, if you do turn up without making a booking first and we are at capacity, we won’t be able to let you in.

Personal Items & Food

We understand that some customers enjoy bringing their own food and enjoying the day at the sauna. However, for the moment, we are trying to minimise any potential for the virus being brought in, so food and drink will NOT be allowed to be brought in, from outside. We have a snack bar – and will ensure it is fully stocked for those that want a drink or a bite to eat. All snacks wrappers & cans of pop, will be fully sanitised before being served to the customer. Hot drinks will be in disposable cups.

Personal items such as mobile phones should remain in your locker as much as possible, only used where necessary – and MUST NOT leave the coffee lounge. Please also note: to minimise contact with our staff, we will not offer any form of charging facilities.

We are also unable to hold any of your personal items behind the counter, so we ask you to put them back in your locker once you are done.

Masks & PPE.

Clubzeus will not be providing customers with masks or PPE. We advise that if you feel safer with a mask on, you should either bring your own, or you may purchase one at reception.

To protect you and our staff as much as possible – all staff members will have a face mask on, along with safety goggles.


Our staff have always maintained a high level of cleanliness. However, we want to reassure you that all surfaces and private cabins will be fully sanitised on a regular basis, locker keys and lockers will be cleaned after each use. Our Jacuzzi will be regulaly checked for chlorine levels & our steam and sauna rooms, will be sanitised frequently (Steam and Sauna rooms are currently closed until Government allow us to reopen them).
All surfaces will be sanitised using milton fluid – and floors will be sanitised using Dettol.

We also ask customers to help us ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible, by cleaning the toilet after they have used it – and ensuring all rubbish is disposed of, in the bins provided in each room. Unfortunately, if you are found not disposing of your rubbish, you will be asked to leave – and this could result in being banned from using the sauna in future. This is a strange time and we must minimise risk to our customers first and foremost and also, protect our business.

With all of that said, we are really excited to be welcoming you back to ClubZeus – and thank you all for your understanding!

The ClubZeus Team