Customer / Members Policy

We operate a challenge 25 policy – please ensure you bring along ID, when visiting, if you’re lucky enough to look younger!

  • Massage and baby oil are banned from being used at our premises!
  • Sliders or flipflops must be worn at all times (we provide you with a pair of sliders, for the duration of your visit).
  • We are a privately owned business, therefor, food & drink purchesed elsewhere, may not be consumed on the premises – this includes alcohol from February 25th, 2022. Should you wish to go out to eat, you are welcome to request a free passout – and return on the same day.
  • When using any of our facilities, rooms should be left clean – and any rubbish, put in the bins provided.
  • When participating with other customers / members, you must be respectful and understand that – no means no!
  • Participating with other members in any of our themed day’s and our party/events, is your choice to visit the club on those day’s, if you feel you may be offended by certain themes, then it may be best to visit on other day’s.
  • Mobile telephones may not be used anywhere other than the bar area and locker room, should you be caught using it elsewhere in the building, you will be asked to leave, no exceptions!
  • Drugs are not tolerated – anyone caught using them will be asked to leave – and the police will be informed.
  • Please respect our staff at all times, violence or abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Participation between consenting members must never participate for profit, reward or gain, should we suspect that any customer / member is offering or asking for money or any kind of reward, you will be banned from the club and the police will be informed.

Whilst we take great care in keeping you safe when visiting ClubZeus, we can not guarantee 100% safety from an invisible virus, therefore:

Upon entry to our premises – and by paying your admission fee.  You are agreeing to all of the above – and that you take full “personal” responsibility for your health and wellbeing (this includes sexual health) – and that ClubZeus and it’s staff will not be held in any way responsible or liable, should you come into contact with other customers, who may potentially pass on other viruses or infections (sexually transmitted or otherwise), this includes, but is not limited to Covid-19. You also agree that you are responsible for any pre-existing condidion you may have, such as heart conditions, diabetes and the like. You should consult with your Dr, before using our hot facilities – and you should familiarise yourself with our sign posts, regarding health and safety.