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Our Next weekly naked day will be on: TBA

More about Naked Day

Whilst you are welcome to be naked on any day when you join us, there are many customers who feel more comfy with a modesty towel. Our Naked Days are therefore for those who prefer to do away with all clothing for a couple of hours – and let it all swing free. 


Our Next FNB event is on: TBA

More about Blackout

Our Blackout events are an evening event that start at 6pm every Friday evening. They are usually a good event and each one has a different dress code which is advertised a week in advance on our home page. However, they all have one common theme, the lights go out and our building almost becomes one big dark room! Whilst there is just enough light (for your safety) to see where you are going in our main areas, all other rooms are in total darkness. If you do have any trouble seeing in low lighting, this isn’t an event you should visit.


Cumunion events are on hold for the moment.



Bear events are on hold for the moment.



Cumcoded events are on hold for the moment.



Kink events are on hold for the moment.