I’ve never been to a sauna before, what can I expect?

Upon enetering the building, if it is your first time, you’ll be greeted by a friendly member of staff – they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have – and show you around the building. 

If you’re feeling anxious, feel free to come and chat to one of our staff members, but there is really no need to feel nervous – you’ll get to meet lots of like-minded guys – who were once in the same boat.

Is membership required?


From September 1st 2023. We became a members club – this is in part to keep in line with anti-discrimination laws and also, to keep in line with our local council directives. You will need to sign up either via the website by clicking here or at reception, when you next pay us a visit.

You’ll need to show your membership, each time you enter and for those who are lucky enough to look under 25, you will need to be age verified with Government issued photo ID.

Basic lifetime membership is one off payment, of just £5. There’s also an optional annual upgrade for just £25, which will give you some fantastic benefits and awesome discounts and access to VIP members only events.

As always, upon entry to ClubZeus Sauna, you agree to our membership terms and conditions, which will be updated in the club and on our website, within the coming days. 

By August, 2024 – everyone will need to be at least a basic member, to gain access to the club.


Do you offer any types of discount?

ClubZeus try and keep things as fair as possible – we therefore don’t offer any type of career or age related discounts.

Instead, we offer discounts via vouchers, when you pay us a visit. You can find out more about the vouchers and what they currently offer, on our promo page

What’s included?

Once you have paid your admission fee, we’ll hand you your first towel (and a second towel – and inculudes naked day towels – will be provided on request, any additional towels will be charged at £1), a locker key & a pack of lube.

You are given a maximum of two packets of lube, for the duration of your stay – and they’re available at the bar / reception area. All additional lube, will be charged at 0.30p per packet. Unfortunately, we do not get lube provided by our local NHS – so therefore, we have to purchase it ourselves.

Should you prefer to bring along your own lube, you are more than welcome to do so. 


Am I allowed to smoke in the building?

No, but we do have a private smoking terrace. 

Vaping is permitted in the social area downstairs.

Can I wear any clothing?

You can (except for naked days), but the clothing must be either fetishwear or underwear.

Why would I need to come to a sauna, when there are social apps & other options?

A sauna is a great place to relax and enjoy the company of other guys, in a safe and discreet envrionment – and in our opinion, much better than trying to find other guys, who 9 times out of 10, won’t turn up for an arranged meeting.

Sauna’s are also a great place to arrange meetings with other guys on social apps, when you have nowhere to take them, or for safety, if you’re meeting someone for the first time.

I am a TV / Cross Dresser – am I welcome?

Yes, you are! You’re welcome at almost anytime, the only exceptions are on naked days or special themed events.

What times are the best times to visit – and when will it be busy?

Unfortunatelythis is something we can’t answer. Each day is different, along with each week – we are however, consistantly busy for our naked Wednesday and weekend events.

We hope that we’ve answered some of your questions – if there is anything we haven’t mentioned, please feel free to give us a call.